Saturday, August 2, 2008

Animal Death-Watch: All male fish!

LOL! It’s comical. Okay, I know it’s getting old, but please look at the warmlist and pay attention to the section on extinctions being attributed to global warming, and while you’re at it, look at our Animal Death-Watch series to discern just how many animals we evil humans are killing off by just breathing and pooting out more greenhouse gases.

Oh, I know...fossil fuels. But the culprit is supposedly a byproduct of fossil fuel usage—that ever-present gas called CO2 that
plants just love to use to make O2 for us to breath via photosynthesis. CO2 is a greenhouse gas. It is increasing in our atmosphere. It is STILL a minor greenhouse gas compared to water vapor and methane, however, even in increasing amounts. CO2 has gone up over the past ten years while temperatures (if measurements are even accurate) have gone down (and plummeted over the past year).

Therefore, realize that GLOBAL WARMING IS
NONSENSE AND NON-EXISTENT, even though the propaganda machine is trying to hold on to the pipedream as if we “doubters” are worthless sub-humans that don’t deserve to be taken seriously. The British have already beaten us Americans to sanity (70% of Brits disbelieve in global warming versus 50% of Americans). I guess we Americans are more susceptible to media stories that tell us how to think and what to believe; I applaud the British for using their brains.

Global Warming's Fish-Sex Effect:

Once scientists began studying the impact of global warming on everything from tourism to asthma, it was only a matter of time before they got around to sex. Now two biologists at Spain's Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) have done just that, at least when it comes to fish.

You may have missed it in biology class, but in some finned species, like the Atlantic silverside — as well as in many reptiles — sex is determined not by genetics but by temperature: the undifferentiated embryo develops testes or ovaries on the basis of whichever option conveys evolutionary advantages for that particular environment.

Now, in a study published in the July 30 edition of the scientific journal Public Library of Science, Natalia Ospina-Alvarez and Francesc Piferrer have gone a little further in explaining how that mechanism works. In laboratory tests, they have demonstrated that higher water temperatures result in more male fish.

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