Saturday, August 9, 2008

Brit Lefty Laments the Fall of “Green” Fad

The U.K. is a lot further along than we are at dismissing the stupidity of the global warming cult (70% of Britons disbelieve in it); we dumb-sheep Americans are slowly learning that we’ve been taken for a ride (thankfully 58% of Americans believe that AGW poses NO THREAT AT ALL). Here, we have an obviously left-leaning guest columnist at the London Times, Alice Thompson, bemoaning the fact that people in the developed world are tossing aside their media-induced “green consciousness” faster than they discard the fads and fashions of yesteryear.

Now, this belief that environmentalists have that they’re “saving the planet” (which Nancy Pelosi so emphatically and laughably claims she’s doing at this very moment by resisting increased domestic drilling) is easily on display in this pile of rubbish called an “article.” The late, great George Carlin spoke very accurately about those enamored with this ridiculous convinction that they’re “saving the planet” through their silly actions; he said, “I’m getting tired of that sh*t.” You’re not the only one, George!

Dear Dummies,

You can't "save" something like our planet; it's impervious to our arrogant belief that we can do anything to it. The Earth was here thousands of millennia before we arrived on scene, and it will be here long after we're gone--silently existing and changing, as it always has.

Suddenly being green is not cool any more | Times:

As the credit crunch bites, environmental policies are being ditched. But oddly we are doing better at saving the planet

Julie Burchill can't stand them. According to her new book, Not in my Name: A Compendium of Modern Hypocrisy, she thinks all environmentalists are po-faced, unsexy, public school alumni who drivel on about the end of the world because they don't want the working classes to have any fun, go on foreign holidays or buy cheap clothes.


When David Cameron became leader of the Conservative Party he said that green issues were at the top of his agenda. His slogan for the local elections last year was “Vote Blue, Go Green”. But in the past few months he has realised that voters have lost the appetite for their greens.

He has only given one environmental speech since Christmas. Once he used to talk about putting a £3,000 windmill on top of his house. Now the message is not about conserving the planet but preserving his bank balance. He wears catalogue clothes, grows his own vegetables and holidays barefoot in Britain because it is less extravagant, not because he is trying to reduce his global footprint.


Boris Johnson was the first to realise that the tolerance for green taxes may have peaked. When he became Mayor of London, he dropped plans to charge a £25 congestion fee on gas-guzzling cars.

The Tories have quietly been reviewing many of their green policies. A range of measures designed to penalise motoring and other polluting activities has been put on hold in case they alienate families struggling to pay their bills. A proposal to tax the highest emitting cars up to £500 more than the greenest vehicles has been quietly shelved, as has the plan to raise taxes on short-haul flights. Instead George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, has promised to cut tax on fuel when oil prices rise.


It's the downturn that has made greenery look unappetising - but it may yet prove to do more than anything to
save the planet.

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