Sunday, August 17, 2008

Denver breaks cold record set in 1890!

Empirical evidence mounts; the story has been the same this summer season for AK, HI, IL, and NC. New Jersey has even smartened up a bit. The world is putting the global warming cult on-notice; the extended period of over-hyped, hysterical news coverage is doing you alarmists no good.

So both last winter and this summer have been VERY cool! Either their initial predictions and "observations" failed, or they've conducted a little revisionism to save face (warming is being masked by cooling...LOL).

Warnings for Denver | Weather Underground:

Statement as of 8:00 PM MDT on August 16, 2008

... Record low maximum temperature set in Denver for August 16th...

The high temperature at Denver International Airport today was 58 degrees.

This 58 degree reading will replace the previous low maximum temperature record for August 16th which was 63 degrees set 118 years ago in 1890.

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