Saturday, August 2, 2008

GASP!: Global warming increasing jellyfish!

Jellyfish Motivationalposter

Just remember: Everything that seems weird (and of course...NEGATIVE in some way) right now is caused by global warming. Check out the warmlist and the GASP! series. Then go ahead and LOL!

Jellyfish Invasion Bothering Beachgoers, The Stinging Creatures Showing Up On Sand And In Water In Unusually High Numbers - CBS News:

"I think the level of jellyfish that we are seeing, and the fact that they outnumber the fish that we want to eat, is unprecedented," observes Margo Stiles, a marine scientist for Oceana, an organization dedicated to, as its Web site puts it, "protecting the world's oceans."

Marine biologists blame the overabundance of jellyfish on several factors, including global warming, the over-fishing of their predators, such as tuna, and pollution -- such as runoff from lawn fertilizer.


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