Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NASA: Doomsday Won't Be in 2012

Irony? I think so. NASA, whose scientists regularly predict global warming doom, is calling another prophecy false? Instead of slamming the Mayans, NASA should ask itself whether its officially-sanctioned predictions of global warming catastrophe are a bit of the pot calling the kettle black.

There's been a lot of speculation and fear that the end of the world could coincide with the end of the Mayan calendar on Dec. 21, 2012. Sony's doomsday film "2012," set for release next month and based on the prediction that the world will end in three years, has put a spotlight on the theory.

A NASA scientist is trying to quell those fears and has condemned the film and the company's viral marketing campaign, The Washington Post reports.

[From NASA Vs. Mayans: Doomsday Won't Be in 2012 - Archaeology | Egyptology | Archeology -]