Sunday, November 22, 2009

EPA Employees Silenced for Criticizing Crap and Tax

I bet if they were EPA employees who made videos PRAISING crap-and-tax that the EPA wouldn't have said a thing; the EPA is a political machine that must to find ways to continue being relevant. Global warming is just the kind of nonsense that the EPA needs, just as it is for many politicians and scientists. Boondoggles are hard to come by, and since the term "global warming" has become accepted in the collective consciousness, they've got a good thing they don't want to risk losing.

Laurie Williams and husband Alan Zabel worked as lawyers for the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, in its San Francisco office for more than 20 years, and they know more about climate change than most politicians. But when the couple released a video on the Internet expressing their concerns over the Obama administration’s plans to use cap-and-trade legislation to fight climate change, they were told to keep it to themselves.

Williams and Zabel oppose cap and trade -- a controversial government allowance program in which companies are issued emissions limits, or caps, which they can then trade -- as a means to fight climate change.

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