Friday, November 27, 2009

Gore: 'Sustainable Capitalism'

I've written many times about the global warming cult's assault on capitalism, because oil is the lifeblood of capitalism. Without it, no goods will be made; no goods will get to market; no goods will be good. Don't believe these Marxists who try to hide their intentions in weasel words like "sustainable."

Al Gore's sham has been thoroughly exposed, yet he's not giving up on it. He believes in a form of capitalism--elitist capitalism, where elites like him remain and grow more wealthy while keeping the rest of you surfs dependent on the government teat.

The global financial crisis had its origins in short-term, unsustainable strategies and actions. Before the crisis and since, we (and others) have called for a more long-term and responsible form of capitalism – what we call “sustainable capitalism”. Yet despite our collective best efforts, one year on, the capital markets seem to be reverting to business as usual.

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