Friday, November 27, 2009

Climategate: Who's Lying About Temperature Trends?!?

The classic leftwing tactic: Accuse the other guy of doing what you just got caught doing. LOL!

Here's my comment to this warmaholic:

Dear Tim, It's amazing how you're telling Drudge visitors they're being lied to when they're just coming to your article--and other news articles--via a simple link on Drudge's site. Dishonesty is in the eye of the beholder. Perhaps you need to ask yourself if YOU'RE BEING LIED TO and whether scientists LIKE US are corruptible. Clearly, we are...humans with sometimes base motivations. Global warming IS NOT real. There are many scientists--ostracized ones--who agree that it's not real. Obviously, this entire ClimateGate scandal demonstrates why their voices aren't being heard.

G.W. Denier

Update: A special message to visitors from Drudge: you are being lied to. Global warming is happening and we're causing it, but to avoid dealing with the problem folks are shooting the messenger, attacking the scientists who discovered and reported on the problem. The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition isn't made up of climate scientists, but is just a group of global warming skeptics who gave themselves a fancy title. And they just got caught combining temperature data from different places to get rid of the inconvenient warming trend in New Zealand. If you want to know what the science really says, please read the Copenhagen Diagnosis.

[From New Zealand Climate Science Coalition caught lying about temperature trends : Deltoid]