Sunday, October 18, 2009

GASP!: Repeat Story...Arctic Ice-free in Summer?

Global warming believers: Remember this prediction that never happened?

There's a liberal echo in here. These dufuses continue to trumpet the same crap stories, over and over. The nearly identical articles appear every few months as if they're new; the goal is obvious--repeat the scary predictions until they become the mantra of sheep. I've written about this melting-ice-doom subject several times on the blog (see stories on "melting ice," "new ice," and "predictions").

I just keep wondering HOW LONG it's going to take for the victim believers in this global warming scam to realize they've been had by the circus sideshow. I mean...most predictions (except for Prince Charles' really moronic ones) have our doom placed at 20-100 years away (when most of us will have forgotten or will be dead). If one predicts doom 100 years into the future, it's a fairly safe prediction, because the "prophet" will be dead and most likely anyone who would have remembered the ERRONEOUS prediction.

There's more fear where this came from: see the GASP! series and the warmlist. This is what the media wants to do--scare you to death, so you may as well fill up on the tripe.

A leading polar scientist has predicted that the Arctic Ocean could be free of ice during the summer months within 20 years as a result of global warming.

Prof Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University has revealed new research showing that much of the sea is entirely made up of "first-year ice" formed during the previous winter.

[From Arctic Ocean to be ice-free in summer months - Europe, World -]