Monday, October 12, 2009

More Cold Empirical News

There are really too many of these stories about which to write (empirical evidence that flies in the face of "global warming"). I've noticed these stories more and more over the last three years. Don't worry's just La Nina "masking" global warming, LOL!

If you've spent any time outdoors the past four days, you could probably guess we've hit record low temperatures without your local weather guy confirming this fact.

[From Western MT cold breaks records - Montana's News Station - Fair. Accurate. To the Point. -]

Austria’s provincial capitals are expected to see their earliest snowfalls in history today (Mon) as Arctic air sweeps the country.

[From Early snow records set to be broken – General News – Austrian Times]

BOZEMAN - Record-low temperatures in southwestern Idaho are threatening to destroy at least a portion of this season's crop of seed potatoes.

[From Cold temperatures threaten seed potato crop]