Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Empirical Blow to the Myth

Whenever the media touts hurricanes or heat waves, they throw in the global warming mantra. Whenever we have freak cold like we've had over the past several years, they ignore it.

They only acknowledge empirical evidence when it fits their liberal global warming agenda. Hey BHO...this is your hometown! Will you notice?!?

Start cursing the weather gods, Chicago.

Snow could be coming to town as early as this weekend. That’s right, snow. Flurries and flakes.

The forecast says that Saturday night rain will turn into the white stuff early Sunday morning.

If the snow sticks, it would be the earliest recorded measurable snowfall in Chicago. The record was set just three years ago when it snowed on Oct. 12.

[From No Kidding: Snow on Sunday! | NBC Chicago ]