Monday, January 5, 2009

Surprise! Ice makes a rebound!

Told you so! See the last 'ice melting' fear post here, and don't forget to see all of the posts on 'melting ice.' I especially loved the scary prediction about the North Pole melting completely THAT NEVER HAPPENED!

Thanks to a rapid rebound in recent months, global sea ice levels now equal those seen 29 years ago, when the year 1979 also drew to a close.

Ice levels had been tracking lower throughout much of 2008, but rapidly recovered in the last quarter. In fact, the rate of increase from September onward is the fastest rate of change on record, either upwards or downwards.

The data is being reported by the University of Illinois's Arctic Climate Research Center, and is derived from satellite observations of the Northern and Southern hemisphere polar regions.

[From DailyTech - Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979 ]

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