Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Environmental Hypocrisy

Another laugher. Here's one more great example of environmental hypocrisy.

Met Office forecasts a supercomputer embarrassment

For the Met Office the forecast is considerable embarrassment. It has spent £33m on a new supercomputer to calculate how climate change will affect Britain – only to find the new machine has a giant carbon footprint of its own.

"The new supercomputer, which will become operational later this year, will emit 14,400 tonnes of CO2 a year," said Dave Britton, the Met Office's chief press officer. This is equivalent to the CO2 emitted by 2,400 homes – generating an average of six tonnes each a year.

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Bird of Paradise said...

Examples of a enviromentalists hypotcrit includes AL GORE perhaps the #1 enviromental hypotcrit and con-man then theres the wackos from GREENPEACE as well and TED TURNER to