Friday, January 30, 2009

Weather Channel Founder: AGW is Bad Science!

This isn't the first time that John Coleman has rightly told Al Gore he's an idiot, but it's good timing. Gore recently held a powwow in D.C. during a freezing ice storm to urge political action (READ more money for Gore) on global warming. Is it me, or does it seem like every time these global warming lunatics attempt a protest or meeting that Mother Nature sends down a wicked winter storm?

You have to love it! Ask yourself what Gore gets out of admitting the truth. Now ask yourself what he gets if he can prop up the BS for a while longer. Precisely. So the lie goes on, so long as so many stand to lose enormously if they dare utter the truth. Many, many reputations and many, many dollars are on the line now, so the lie goes on.

Weather Channel Founder Blasts Gore Over Global Warming Campaign

The founder of the Weather Channel is ridiculing Al Gore over his calls for action on global climate change, saying in a column that global warming is a "hoax" and "bad science."

John Coleman, now a weatherman at San Diego's KUSI, wrote on his station's Web site Wednesday that Gore refuses to acknowledge the faulty research on which the idea of global warming is based.

Coleman's lengthy scolding came as the former vice president and Nobel Peace Prize winner addressed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and urged lawmakers to pass a bill that would put caps on heat-trapping gases and take the lead on a global climate treaty.

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