Monday, January 5, 2009

HuffPo: Apologize Mr. Gore!

Thanks to Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters for writing about this incredible news item! As he points out though, HuffPo managed to bury this deep within its own entrails. Only us deniers will likely find it. Harold Ambler's original post is here.

Did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine seeing an article at the liberal website the Huffington Post that not only refuted the anthropogenic global warming myth, but also asked Nobel Laureate Al Gore to apologize for the climate hysteria he's caused?

No...neither did I.

Unfortunately, Harold Ambler's "Mr. Gore: Apology Accepted" wasn't featured on HuffPo's home page when it was published late Saturday morning, nor was it included in the site's featured posts.

[From HuffPo: Gore Should Apologize for Spreading Climate Hysteria |]

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