Saturday, November 6, 2010

Soros' U.N. Panel Wants Global Climate Change Tax

These Communists just had their clocks cleaned in the 2010 elections but they'll never give up. They'll keep going until thinking Americans completely marginalize them like the radical psychos that they are.

It has ALWAYS been about socialism...ALWAYS about wealth redistribution. Never doubt that. Soros is wealthy...why doesn't HE fund this garbage himself?

At least $65 billion might be raised by taxing foreign-exchange transactions and auctioning pollution permits, a United Nations panel said today in a report recommending ways to finance aid for fighting global warming.

The panel, which includes billionaire investor George Soros and Larry Summers, director of President Barack Obama’s National Economic Council, said selling carbon-emissions permits would generate $38 billion and a financial transactions tax an additional $27 billion, according to the report released today.

[From Bank Tax, CO2 Auctions Recommended by Soros Panel to Help Climate Efforts - Bloomberg]