Monday, November 22, 2010

Virgin's Space Tourism Will Increase AGW

Global warming, climate change, or 'global climate disruption' (as Thulsa Doom Obama's minions like to now call it) is complete BS, but it's interesting that 'climate champion' Richard Branson would be responsible for something like this...LOL!

Climate change caused by black carbon, also known as soot, emitted during a decade of commercial space flight would be comparable to that from current global aviation, researchers estimate.

The findings, reported in a paper in press in Geophysical Research Letters1, suggest that emissions from 1,000 private rocket launches a year would persist high in the stratosphere, potentially altering global atmospheric circulation and distributions of ozone. The simulations show that the changes to Earth's climate could increase polar surface temperatures by 1 °C, and reduce polar sea ice by 5–15%.

[From Space tourism to accelerate climate change : Nature News]