Monday, November 22, 2010

GASP!: UN Conference: 'We Are Destroying Life on Earth'

See the silliness of this? You'd think the U.N. climate folks didn't realize that they were just caught up in climate change scandals, whereby they were doing some shady things to paint a picture far worse than reality as it relates to manmade global warming.

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Despite the U.N.'s fear that biodiversity may be at risk, scientists over the past decade have identified new species at an unprecedented rate. The 2008 World Wildlife Fund (WWF) study First Contact in the Greater Mekong reported that 1,068 species were discovered or newly identified by science between 1997 and 2007 -- averaging two new species a week. And the Census of Marine Life -- an ambitious, 10-year project to catalog the diversity of the world's oceans -- recently concluded, having identified more than 6,000 potentially new ocean-going species.

Scientists have a growing understanding of the wealth of life on Earth, and the conference argues that our diversity is being threatened. The two-week U.N. meeting faces an uphill battle as it tries to institute sweeping steps to protect and restore ecosystems such as forests, rivers, coral reefs and the oceans that are vital for an ever-growing human population. Issues of funding will be a key problem delegates will need to iron out -- both who pays for the program and who reaps the rewards of the world's biodiversity.

[From - 'We Are Destroying Life on Earth,' UN Conference Claims]