Monday, November 22, 2010

Vaclav Klaus: Climate Change "no threat"

There's plenty of stuff to read by the Czech President on this blog. Thank you for your leadership, Sir.

LONDON, Oct 19 (Reuters) - Climate change is not a threat and the consequences of global warming will not be catastrophic, the President of the Czech Republic said on Tuesday.

Vaclav Klaus is a vocal sceptic on the topic of global warming. He published a book in 2007 in which he said global warming had turned into a new religion, an ideology that threatens to undermine freedom and the world's economic and social order.

"Global warming in the last 150 years was modest and future warming and its consequences will not be dangerous or catastrophic. It doesn't look like a threat we should respond to," he told a lecture in London on Tuesday.
"I don't see empirical evidence of human-caused global warming. I see so many mistakes in the methodology of science and modelling," he added.


However, public opinion has shown resistance to strong action to combat climate change, especially after a U.N. summit in Copenhagen last year failed to seal a global deal on cutting greenhouse gas emissions and scandals emerged surrounding climate science.

[From Reuters AlertNet - Climate change is no threat-Czech president]