Monday, November 22, 2010

U.N.'s Pachuri Surprised by Scandal Outrage

These schmucks just don't get it. In one year, SEVERAL climate change scandals were revealed (see Climategate, NASA-gate, Glacier-gate, Rainforest-gate, and Netherland-gate). All of these "respectable, scientific" agencies were caught manipulating data, hiding data, destroying data, conspiring to limit legitimate scientific debate (from skeptical climate scientists), and in this case, quoting environmentalist propaganda as scientific fact (when, IN FACT, it wasn't true). The media has been in an accomplice by REFUSING to cover any of these stories.

All of these scandals prove what 'deniers' and 'skeptics' have been saying all along: global warming is a trumped-up capitalism killer. That's all it is and ever will be.

The head of the UN climate science body has admitted he was taken entirely by surprise by the ferocious public reaction to a blunder in its report on Himalayan glaciers. But he insisted the controversy had not set back efforts to secure action on climate change.

The mistake, a false assertion that the Himalayan glaciers would disappear by 2035, exacted severe damage to the reputation of the IPCC and its head, Rajendra Pachauri. It also provided further fuel to the controversy over the emails stolen from East Anglia's climate research unit and released online a year ago today.

[From Head of UN climate body admits surprise at fury over blunder in report | Environment | The Guardian]