Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Senate Backpedals on Crap-and-Tax

The first Republican Senator in decades is elected to Ted Kennedy's old seat, which Democrats had taken for granted as their own. Now you'll begin to see leftists backing off of socialist programs like cap-and-trade and government-run health care. Obama overreached and was rebuked by liberal Massachusetts (it will be much worse in more conservative areas of the country), and now reality will set in, because the number one goal of these morons in Congress--regardless of their party or political affiliation--is to keep their jobs.

"My own sense is that in the aftermath of a very, very heavy lift on health care, I think it is unlikely that the Senate will turn next to the very complicated and very controversial subject of cap-and-trade, climate change kind of legislation," Dorgan said. "I think it is more compelling to turn to an energy bill that is bi-partisan."

[From Senate not seen passing climate bill in 2010 | Reuters]