Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Record Cold, More Death

More of the same. Alarmists are beside themselves. How can it be that their little fart-myth theory is dissipating before their very eyes? Because they're pathetic cultists, that's why. The world is coated in COLD, as they attempt to convince everyone it's warming.

The coldest start to a new year since World War II is shivering into the record books.

Chelly Amin, a meteorologist at Huntsville's National Weather Service office, said the average temperature so far in January has been just 26.4 degrees.

That's the chilliest dawn of a new year in North Alabama since 1940, Amin said Friday, and the worst seven-day cold snap since February 1996.

[From Year off to coldest start since 1940 -]

FREEZING WEATHER brought further disruption across vast swathes of northern Europe as the death toll from the unusually severe cold snap, mainly among homeless men, continued to climb.

As forecasters warned of dangerous conditions continuing today, commuters and air travellers bore the brunt of the cold, snow and ice, while demand soared for home-heating energy.

The bad weather is expected to last for another two weeks, draining European gas supplies. Britain’s national grid warned that record gas demand might exceed supply for the second time this week after a drop in supplies from Norway, as dozens of big industrial users switched to other fuels to ensure heating for households.

[From Cold snap death toll rises across Europe - The Irish Times - Fri, Jan 08, 2010]

epartment of Marine Resources Director William Walker says this is very common in extremely cold weather coupled with low tide. The fish become trapped in shallow water then die of hypothermia. He says D.M.R. does not clean up the fish because most people pick them up and eat them.

[From Cold weather freezes thousands of fish in OS Harbor - WLOX-TV and - Building South Mississippi Together |]

Only last year, Europe’s severe winter freezing was called the worst in memory. This year’s snows are described as the worst in a generation. The terminology of meteorology rises every time the temperature falls. But heavy ongoing snowfall in north Europe, and rain clouds rising from the Mediterranean – reinforced with continent-wide arctic gusts and tornado talk in the Balkans – are delaying planes, automobiles, and especially trains.

The Eurostar from Paris to London, a two-hour commute for many, broke down in the tunnel under the English Channel. Again. The problem: Snow gets sucked into the engine, shorting out the electrical systems.

[From How cold is Europe? Even Norway's buses can't take it. / The Christian Science Monitor -]