Monday, January 4, 2010

Peru's Mountain People Freeze; Media Blames 'Climate Change'

Remember when the en vogue term 'manmade global warming' shifted to the use of the term 'manmade climate change'? Many skeptical pundits felt that this was an adjustment to blame all harsh weather--cold or warm--on man's use of fossil fuels. This story implies that Copen-faken's miserable failure (though heralded by Obamaniacs as a success) is KILLING THESE PERUVIAN PEOPLE.

This media-supported, alarmist tactic--along with climate revisionism--is being used as damage control because of our now increasingly COOLING climate.

For climate realists and scientists like myself, this DEADLY COLD is just more empirical proof that manmade climate change ( warming) is a bunch of crap.

Climate change campaigners and development NGOs say that the failure of Copenhagen has signed the death warrant for hundreds of thousands of the world's poorest and that a quarter of a million children will die before world leaders meet again to try to thrash out another deal at the United Nations next climate change conference in Mexico in December. Among them may be these children of the high mountains.

Enduring prolonged sub-zero temperatures is a matter of course for Peru's indigenous mountain people, many of whom live at more than 3,000m above sea level. Scores die every year from the cold, but in recent years the number of people succumbing to the freezing temperatures has triggered talk of a national crisis.

[From Peru's mountain people face fight for survival in a bitter winter | World news | The Observer ]