Friday, February 4, 2011

Global Warming (Climate Change) Now 'Global Weirding'

As I predicted long ago, the new tactic--now that climate predictions continue to FAIL--will be to call anything that happens 'global warming.' In other words, the warming climate is causing all unusual weather events. But I have news for you psychos out there; we have hundreds of years of written accounts of 'unusual' weather and climate events, dating back to the global floods of ancient times (not to mention the Medieval Warm Period...a time that alarmists don't want you to bring up).

This bullshit is such a complete and utter farce. It's a failed government power grab. Interesting that Europeans seem to be awakening from their stupor far faster than we are.

So then the mantra became “climate change.” The liberals formerly known as “warmists” began predicting that we would experience fundamental changes in our weather. Scientists at the University of East Anglia — the Harvard of climate change — said snow would be “a very rare and exciting event.” Children wouldn’t know what it was.

As for summers, in the wake of Katrina “change-ist” groups like predicted “global warming will make hurricanes even worse in the future.”

What happened? Nothing. Europe has had three winters in a row of snow and cold temperatures. In the Atlantic, “there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of hurricanes in the last five years,” according to meteorologist Art Horn. “The total energy in all hurricanes around the world has plunged since 1993. The opposite of what was predicted.”

So the new fall back is “global weirding.” The site has a “Weird Weather Watch” page. The uber-liberal Huffington Post ran a story in August headlined “Global Weirding”: Extreme Climate Events Dominate The Summer.”

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