Thursday, February 10, 2011

Climatologists Urge Chinese-Style Dictatorship

I have been so ridiculed here on my own blog for ever considering the 'conspiratorial' notion that liberal types (including MOST most professors in any university will identify as liberals) want to harm capitalism and replace it with some form of socialism, using global warming as the means to finally get that done (because 'they're trying to save the planet,' remember?).

Well here you go, morons. We've seen how NASA's global warming activist, James Hansen, has openly called for socialism. This clown is not a scientist, because real scientists stick to science and leave the politics to politicians. Here's more of the same. Liberals--for whatever fucking reason--love tyrants like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, and Che Guevara. They think--stupidly--that if America was like these failed communist states (or had leaders like these idiots and murderers) then all the world would be right and the Earth would 'cool.'

Don't believe me? Many prominent liberals have called for a slower economy to fight global warming. Well, now we have a slower economy and it's very cold. I guess it worked, LOL!

The nation's most prominent publicly funded climatologist is officially angry about this, blaming democracy and citing the Chinese government as the "best hope" to save the world from global warming. He also wants an economic boycott of the U.S. sufficient to bend us to China's will.

NASA laboratory head James Hansen's anti-democracy rants were published while he was on a November junket in China, but they didn't get much attention until recently. On Jan. 12, the hyperprolific blogger Marc Morano put them on his Climate Depot site, and within hours, the post went viral. In a former life, Mr. Morano was chief global-warming researcher for Sen. James M. Inhofe, Oklahoma Republican.

According to Mr. Hansen, compared to China, we are "the barbarians" with a "fossil-money- 'democracy' that now rules the roost," making it impossible to legislate effectively on climate change. Unlike us, the Chinese are enlightened, unfettered by pesky elections. Here's what he blogged on Nov. 24:

[From MICHAELS: China-style dictatorship of climatologists - Washington Times]