Thursday, February 10, 2011

Animal Death Watch: Record Cold Endangers Sea Life?

Well, this is an interesting turn of events. The Animal Death Watch series has almost exclusively focused on living things dying or going extinct because of 'warming,' but here's a proven, real-world example of animals dying from exposure. More extinction stupidity at Dr. Brignell's warmlist page.

Thousands of dead starfish that littered a beach near Charleston last weekend are the first signs of what might become a disastrous winter for coastal sea life. They died because water was chilled to a lethal temperature by frigid weather earlier this month.

With coastal waters already hovering near critical lows, biologists worry there might be a mass die-off of shrimp, sea trout and red drum as the season turns cold again.

William Gay, owner of Port Royal Seafood, said he has heard Beaufort crab trappers talk about dead shrimp showing up in their crab pots, but said the cold water hasn't yet affected his business.

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