Monday, February 28, 2011

Nuclear War to Stop Warming?

So, exactly what are these clowns saying? Are they proposing a small nuclear war as a solution that will 'reverse global warming' (which doesn't even exist, or are they saying (for the first time) that nuclear war is a way for man to actually change the climate? Nuclear war is one of the few ways man could actually alter the climate (for a short time); CO2 IS NOT a way man can significantly alter the climate, even for a short time (or definitely not a LONG time as they're saying).

For the record, I'm thoroughly shocked that the majority of National Geographic Channel is owned by Fox Cable Networks!!

Earth is currently in a long-term warming trend. After a regional nuclear war, though, average global temperatures would drop by 2.25 degrees F (1.25 degrees C) for two to three years afterward, the models suggest.

[From Small Nuclear War Could Reverse Global Warming for Years?]