Thursday, February 10, 2011

Schwarzenegger, the Clima-nator

Schwarzen-a-hole really let the lefties out in California work him over. He started off as a fiscal conservative with half a brain but ended up more left-leaning than John McCain or Lindsey Graham (and those schmucks are pretty left-leaning). I ask you to just remember this clown's hypocrisy, as he drives around in his gas-guzzling Hummers. All of these liberal politicians are hypocrites when it comes to their own personal behavior's 'effect on warming.'

Schwarzenegger, who counts legislation combating global warming as one of his signature achievements in office, suggested he might be interested in a post dealing with energy or the environment.

"I'm a big believer in environmental issues," Schwarzenegger said, who added that he wanted a post where he could use his "celebrity power … knowledge and experience" to impact public policy. "I've traveled the world. … I'm very familiar with the world."

It's not a far-fetched idea. Obama has often mentioned Schwarzenegger as someone he's like to have in the Cabinet, citing his work on climate change. For months, there have been rumors in Washington that the former action star might join the administration as a climate change czar or as an adviser on energy and the environment. The White House has repeatedly declined to comment on personnel issues.

[From Schwarzenegger says he’d like a job working for Obama - Yahoo! News]