Monday, December 27, 2010

NYT: Record Cold Caused by Warming (They're Serious)

I've been saying this for years, but try not to swallow your tongue anyway. These guys in the media (and the leftist "thinking" establishment) can't accept that they've been completely bamboozled by a climate cartel intent on global governance and global economic control. That's all this bullshit is. Average Americans know it. But the so-called 'smartest among us' are apparently the greatest morons. Every recent winter has been record setting in terms of COLD and the summers HAVE NOT been record setting in terms of WARMTH, despite predictions to the contrary! So, the shift has been to blame the cooler climate on warming in both summer and winter. Can anyone else see the imbecility of this crap besides me?!!!!

All of this cold was met with perfect comic timing by the release of a World Meteorological Organization report showing that 2010 will probably be among the three warmest years on record, and 2001 through 2010 the warmest decade on record.

How can we reconcile this? The not-so-obvious short answer is that the overall warming of the atmosphere is actually creating cold-weather extremes. Last winter, too, was exceptionally snowy and cold across the Eastern United States and Eurasia, as were seven of the previous nine winters.

For a more detailed explanation, we must turn our attention to the snow in Siberia.

Annual cycles like El Niño/Southern Oscillation, solar variability and global ocean currents cannot account for recent winter cooling. And though it is well documented that the earth’s frozen areas are in retreat, evidence of thinning Arctic sea ice does not explain why the world’s major cities are having colder winters.

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