Friday, December 24, 2010

Thulsa Doom Obama and EPA Say 'Screw You, America'

What does a dictator do when he's 'stymied by Congress' (which was elected by the American people to stop his ass)? Act unilaterally, of course. And remember (after decades), the EPA FINALLY admitted that there's no danger from saccharin. How long before these liberal morons will let go of the great 'global warming scare' and move on to the next scam?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Stymied in Congress, the Obama administration is moving unilaterally to clamp down on greenhouse emissions, announcing plans for new power plants and oil refinery emission standards over the next year.

In an announcement posted on the agency's website late Thursday, Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa Jackson said the aim was to better cope with pollution contributing to climate change.

"We are following through on our commitment to proceed in a measured and careful way to reduce GHG pollution that threatens the health and welfare of Americans," Jackson said in a statement. She said emissions from power plants and oil refineries constitute about 40 percent of the greenhouse gas pollution in this country.

[From The Associated Press: EPA moving unilaterally to limit greenhouse gases]