Monday, December 27, 2010

Record Winter Storm Slams Eastern U.S. (Caused by Humans, Of Course)

Empirical evidence mounts each winter, even in the face of dire "record warm" predictions. But don't worry folks; the global warming pipe dream is still alive. The New York Crimes says so. No matter what the's caused by warming. Scam protected.

WASHINGTON (AP) - A band of frigid weather snaking its way up the East Coast on Sunday threatened to bring blizzards and a foot of snow to New York City and New England, while several states made emergency declarations as the storm caused crashes on slick roads.

Airlines grounded hundreds of flights Sunday along the Northeast corridor in anticipation of the storm, affecting major airports including New York's JFK and Newark. Airlines said more cancellations were likely as the storm progressed. Travel misery began a day earlier in parts of the South, where a rare white Christmas came with reports of dozens of car crashes.

[From Snow storm bears down on Mid-Atlantic, Northeast]