Saturday, February 13, 2010

Record Winter Weather "Caused" by Warming

Do you know what's truly hilarious? Watching lefty environmentalists and media types practically chew their tongues off in acerbic consternation at skeptics for "seizing on" all this record cold winter weather as evidence that global warming is bullshit (because it is). Hence comes the excuse that alarmist scientists "predicted" this all along--global warming would cause both extremely warm as well as extremely cold weather events. Merely climate revisionism (trying to force events to match the theory).

A new record of 12.5 inches of snow in a 24-hour period was set at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (11.2 on Thursday) -- and flakes were still coming down after midnight. The previous daily record was 7.8 inches on Jan. 15, 1964, and Jan. 14, 1917 and the previous 24-hour record was 12.1 inches. The total for this winter, so far, is 15.7 inches, the second highest recorded in North Texas history. The highest recorded snowfall for a winter season was in 1977-78 with 17.6 inches of snow.

[From Snowfall Shatters Record, Leaves 180,000 Without Power | NBC Dallas-Fort Worth ]

PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) - It took back-to-back blizzards to paralyze the nation's capital, but in the Deep South it only takes a couple inches of snow.

Flakes were falling—or threatened—Friday from Texas to the Florida Panhandle and then up along the coasts of Georgia and South Carolina, bringing a rare white landscape to spots that haven't seen snow in a decade or longer. The storm was crawling east out of Texas, where it left the Dallas area with more than a foot of snow, nearly 200 traffic accidents, thousands without power and hundreds of canceled flights.

[From Rare snowflakes start falling from Miss. to Fla.]

ROME (Reuters) – Tourists took rare pictures of snow falling on the Colosseum and the Trevi fountain on Friday, and the Pope reportedly appeared at a Vatican window to watch Rome's heaviest snowfall in nearly a quarter century.
In scenes usually only glimpsed in souvenir "snow domes" Italy's capital was blanketed in white, snarling road and air traffic but delighting many Romans who rode scooters with their feet on the ground and snapped pictures with mobile phones.

[From Rare snowfall in Rome as cold snap grips Italy - Yahoo! News]

NORMAN, Oklahoma -- A University of Oklahoma student is taking an extra interest in this week's snow storms in the south and northeast and is working to document the events in a very unique way.

Patrick Marsh said it's likely by the end of the week snow will be on the ground in all 50 states.

From Ardmore all the way to Dallas and even in Louisiana, the south is snowed in. For many, it's a winter wonderland in places that rarely see such weather. But none of it comes close to the mess up north where two blizzards have blown through in a week.

[From OU Student Collecting Pictures of Snow in All 50 States - - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - | ]