Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bill Nye: Skeptics Are Unpatriotic

Oh yeah, Bill Nye The Science Guy? Well, alarmists are socialists trying to force radical wealth redistribution in the world to "solve" the problem of global warming. In other words, alarmists believe that capitalism's use of fossil fuels has put us in this mess. Ye shall know them by the company they keep...and since Bill Nye hangs with Heidi Cullen and Rachel Maddow, I guess we know where he stands--he's a leftist.

You know what? At least debate is finally happening now; I guess Al Gore's proclamation of debate being over doesn't hold water.

I dug Bill Nye when I was a kid (when he taught science and not politically-tinged science); I'm not a fan anymore. Bite my ass, Bill.

Bill Nye, the Science Guy, agrees, going so far as to tell MSNBC's Rachel Maddow that scientists who doubt climate change's manmade origins are unpatriotic. "If you want to get serious about it, these guys claiming that the snow in Washington disproves climate change are almost unpatriotic -- it's as if they're denying science," Nye said.

[From - Global Warming Debate Heats Up in Wake of Record Snowstorms]