Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Failed U.N. Predictions: Swine Flu

Forget the sham IPCC reports on climate change exposed recently (that have been more or less ignored by the U.S. mainstream media). Here's another example of how the U.N. will politicize ANYTHING to gain some sort of power foothold. Most won't remember the predictions of calamity issued by the U.N.'s World Health Organization (WHO) regarding so-called Swine Flu. Remember when the WHO proclaimed that "all of humanity was under threat" from swine flu? See these recent stories of swine flu below. I work in this field, so I find this especially funny. Some of the estimates I heard about the pending mortality of H1N1 were truly ridiculous. Turned out to be bullshit, just as I PREDICTED.

ATLANTA (AP) - Is the U.S. swine flu epidemic over? Federal health officials won't go so far as to day that, but on Friday they reported for the fourth week in a row that no states had widespread flu activity.

[From US swine flu epidemic shows signs of being over]

GENEVA, Feb. 5 (AP) - (Kyodo)—The number of confirmed deaths from the H1N1 influenza has surpassed 15,000, the World Health Organization said Friday.
Pandemic activity is declining across most of the world, including the United States and Japan, the WHO said.

[From H1N1 deaths top 15,000: WHO+]