Saturday, August 13, 2011

Greenhouse Gases Drop to 15-Yr Low

Remember when prominent liberals said that we needed to cool the U.S. economy to fight global warming?!? Weird how the mainstream liberal media doesn’t follow-up on those earlier proclamations, now that people are struggling in this limp economy. Why aren’t Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Browner, and other liberals all proclaiming their efforts at fighting climate change a success by the crippling of the U.S. economy through socialist policies? Hmmm? Anyone?

Thulsa Doom Obama is getting what he wanted. High fuel prices. Government dependence. Higher debt and deficits. But lower carbon emissions. This country is heading to hell.

In total, in 2009 emissions of the greenhouse gases, which are linked to climate change, were the equivalent of 6,640 metric tons of carbon dioxide, down from 7,062 metric tons in 2008 and a high of 7,265 metric tons in 2007. U.S. emissions in 2009 were more than 7% greater than 1990 levels, the report said.

[From U.S. Greenhouse Gases Drop to 15-Year Low - Culture - Fox Nation]