Friday, June 26, 2009

AP: Recession Has Cut Warming

The AP is attempting to vindicate the statements of prominent liberal politicians (like Clinton, Prince Charles, Chu, and Geithner), who—before the recession—said that cooling our economy was key to fighting global warming. This article is now saying that the recession (i.e., REDUCED CAPITALISM) has helped our environment by cutting CO2 emissions.

Global warming as a theory is nothing more than socialism masquerading as science, pure and simple; it’s a parlor trick designed to flabbergast the stupid among us into hating capitalism. Capitalism is destroying the Earth, after all (they’re contention…not mine).

I predicted that alarmists would try to find a way out of their lie, such that they solved global warming through their policies. The truth is that there was never a problem, so they can wait for the opportune moment to declare their solutions worked.

Global Recession Cuts Down on Global Warming

AMSTERDAM — The global recession has an up side, at least for people worried about climate change: Carbon emissions are growing more slowly than in recent years, Dutch researchers said Thursday.

But they also said the emissions of developing countries were higher than those of the industrialized world for the first time last year.

Less money in the bank, higher oil prices and a growing use of wind, solar and other renewable energy resources put a brake last year on the increase of the most common greenhouse gas blamed for global warming, said the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.