Sunday, June 14, 2009

Illinois Has Record Cold June

Is anyone out there awake? Is anyone else seeing all this? Pounds upon pounds of empirical evidence stack up like cord wood every year, and no one is even the slightest bit swayed against this global warming stupidity?

On the contrary, everyone on the planet is ready to do a little zombie chant and follow BHO right over a cliff; we’ll obviously do anything he says, so long as he looks and sounds good when he says it.

I swear this is that 1984 Apple Super Bowl commercial; yes, that trendy nod to George Orwell, except that I’m waiting for the runner to sprint in and launch her sledgehammer at Obama and Gore on the giant screen.

It’s time to stop being media-entranced sheep, my fellow Earthlings.

So far, June's chill is one for the records

The cloudy, chilly and rainy open to June here has been the talk of the town. So far this June is running more than 12 degrees cooler than last year, and the clouds, rain and chilly lake winds have been persistent. The average temperature at O'Hare International Airport through Friday has been only 59.5 degrees: nearly 7 degrees below normal and the coldest since records there began 50 years ago.