Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Now, Quieter Hurricane Season Predicted

I admire Dr. Gray, because he's a global warming skeptic, but he's unwittingly proving my point about scientists and their predictions about our complex climate systems. This, of course, involves El Nino again. But review the last few years where busy hurricane seasons were predicted, only to remain in the tepid and weak.

The liberal enviro-psychos love to blames hurricanes on global warming, but hurricanes haven't really showed up since Katrina as predicted. Al Gore heavily implied in his dumb Power Point movie that Katrina was caused by global warming. We can see where that little bit of empirical pootage ended up.

Frankly, Dr. Gray is considered the foremost hurricane expert, but his predictions have been lackluster in the last several years. This should give everyone pause about the scientists predicting global warming doom one-hundred years into the future; it should definitely make you question idiots like Prince Charles and Al Gore, two NON-SCIENTISTS who issue climate predictions all the time.

MIAMI (AFP) - Weather experts on Wednesday reduced the number of projected hurricanes in the north Atlantic this season to four, two of them major hurricanes with winds above 178 kilometers (111 miles) per hour.

After one of the calmest starts to the hurricane season in a decade, the experts from Colorado State University said the development of an El Nino effect in the Pacific had caused them to scale back their projections for the Atlantic.

[From Experts predict quieter Atlantic hurricane season - Yahoo!7 News]