Monday, July 27, 2009

Canadian Astronaut: Earth Looks Harmed by Humans

Talk about your dumb empirical exclamations. How does one quantitate 'looks melted a bit'? When this guy has orbited, observed, and measured for 200 years, then we'll talk (or how about 150,000 years...of which the Earth has had 30,000 distinct periods). That's a lot of lost observation to be issuing a blanket stupid environmentalist wacko proclamation like this one. Need some more stupid fear based on nothing? Read the GASP! series and Dr. Brignell's warmlist.

Since he can get away with this empirical observation, what about the 3,000 record low July temps for this month in the U.S. alone? Sure is a cool place to be so harmed by us humans.

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., July 26 (Reuters) - A Canadian astronaut aboard the International Space Station said on Sunday it looks like Earth's ice caps have melted a bit since he was last in orbit 12 years ago.

Bob Thirsk, who is two months into a planned six-month stay aboard the station, said he is mostly in awe when he looks out the window, particularly at the sliver of atmosphere wrapped around the planet.

"It's a very thin veil of atmosphere around the Earth that keeps us alive," Thirsk said during an in-flight news conference. "Most of the time when I look out the window I'm in awe. But there are some effects of the human destruction of the Earth as well."

[From Earth bears scars of human destruction - astronaut | Reuters]