Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Zealand's Record Summer Cold

More and more empirical data mounts (this time it’s New Zealand again), but the alarmist believers, both within and without the media, keep ignoring the evidence and issuing ridiculous predictions and writing new business-killing environmental laws. Sure hope Americans wake up from their Beatle-esque cult-of-personality stupor before too long and throw these morons out of office.

May the coldest on record, Niwa figures show

Wairarapa certainly played its part in the record-breaking chill that gripped the country during May, with Martinborough plunged into gloom courtesy of a paltry 92 hours of sunshine.

Niwa senior climate scientist Georgina Griffiths said May "broke records from one end of the country to the other - it was the coldest May on record", and there was nothing much to toast in the South Wairarapa wine village, which registered 69 percent of normal sunshine hours for May - the lowest figure for the town since records began.

"In May, Martinborough was gray, gloomy and depressing," she said.

"In June, the east coast strips of both islands were gloomy while sun shone around the rest of the country, like Hamilton which had record sunshine hours," Ms Griffiths said.