Sunday, February 22, 2009

GASP!: Hot Climate Health Fears!

Fear. It’s a word you’ll see time and time again in these alarmist articles. You must be afraid; accept more government control of your lives. And health has appeared before as a fear tactic; most of these tactics are recycled time and again. When you read the warmlist or the GASP! Series, it becomes apparent what the propagandists are trying to do with this climate scare.

And all while we’re having one of the worst winters in decades…

Health fear as climate heats up

TASMANIA faces an ominous and burgeoning epidemic of chronic disease in its climate change future, the State's Director of Public Health said yesterday.

Dr Roscoe Taylor said the spectre of an influenza pandemic was also very real.

The foreseeable risks to health worldwide had been documented, he said, but Tasmania faced its share of public health concerns brought about after events that could only be attributed to climate change.

He said the increased frequency of extreme weather would cause physical injury and psychological instability, as the population became anxious about storm, drought or extreme heat events.

"With changes in Tasmania's weather patterns, we will see more severe weather events," he said.

"An ageing population of people living with chronic medical conditions might not readily cope with heat stress."

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