Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ted Turner: Global Warming a 'Survival Issue'

Good ol' commie Uncle Ted. He's just looking out for us. Yes, Ted, we have to pick our fights. And I choose to fight against you, your ilk, and your false fear mongering. Remember, Ted was the one who stated that global warming would turn us all into cannibals.

“I’ve worked all my life and I’m way too young to retire at 65, so I looked around for something to do and this looked like the most important area. It’s a survival issue for the human race, for life on the planet, so I decided to concentrate on it.

“It is a survival issue. We choose to do this because it is so important. Failure is not an option because if we fail here, it is just unthinkable. The consequences are just so great. We have to deal with this,” Turner said.

“We almost lost the bison in this country, and I dedicated part of my life to bringing the bison back. We have to pick our fights and fight hard and we can’t afford to lose this one,” he said.

[From Ted Turner blasts U.S. for once again sitting back on climate change « Colorado Independent]