Saturday, September 4, 2010

History Channel's Number One Way We Go Extinct

Can you guess what it was? Yes, that's warming. LOL! How can something so utterly discredited still be reeling its ugly head? Well, follow the threads. History Channel--a once great channel that USED to ACTUALLY have programming of historical significance--is owned by Arts and Entertainment Networks (A&E, Bio, LMN, etc.). You'll get the same alarmism on other channels run by liberals, including NATGEO (National Geographic) and Discovery Channel (interesting that a enviro-psycho with a gun didn't think Discovery was doing enough in the propaganda department recently).

[From History TV Shows & Schedule]

Last Days on Earth: Could the human race become suddenly extinct? We count down seven ways in which the world as we know it could meet an abrupt and untimely end, from a mammoth asteroid strike to the eruption of a super volcano.