Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CO2's Role in Warming Unclear: China

So, China (who has had its share of recent record cold weather) says CO2's role isn't clear but act to cut emissions anyway?

What's really surprising about this story isn't the bit about China, who--having gotten a taste of capitalistic success--isn't about to give up on oil. What's really surprising (or not really surprising) is that Reuters still insists that "most scientists" have the view the CO2 is the culprit in global warming. And that's simply NOT TRUE. That's the BS lie with which our mainstream media continues trying to brainwash us, but where's their evidence that most scientists feel this way? Where's their poll of 100% of the world's scientists to show that >50% believe CO2 is causing warming? There isn't such a poll to demonstrate this claimed consensus. I, however, can point you to an online petition where >31,000 scientists believe CO2 is NOT warming the planet. Where's Reuters' evidence to back up their "most scientists" propaganda claim?

* Cause of global warming not clear, top negotiator says

* World should act to cut carbon emissions anyway

* U.S. must not shirk its responsibilities

By Emma Graham-Harrison

BEIJING, March 10 (Reuters) - China’s top climate negotiator said on Wednesday that the cause of global warming was still not clear but the problems it was creating were so serious that the world must anyway act to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Xie Zhenhua, vice-chairman of the powerful National Development and Reform Commission, also warned the United States it should not use domestic divisions over climate change as an excuse to pass its responsibilities off onto other countries.

“There are still two different viewpoints in the scientific field about the cause of warming,” Xie told a news conference on the sidelines of the annual session of China’s largely rubber-stamp parliament.

[From Reuters AlertNet - China unsure on warming cause, to stick with CO2 cuts]