Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scientists Turn To Hollywood to Prove Global Warming?

Wouldn't you think that scientists would simply rely on quality scientific data, ethical judgment, and truth to prove their theories? Well, since ethical scandals have rocked the very bedrock upon which global warming was constructed, faith and trust in the so-called consensus has been shaken in the public's mind.

Sensing this shaken faith in their flock (because global warming is the new religion of the left), scientists are turning to Hollywood to make their case. They're turning to a bunch of people who pretend for a living? You scientists don't need any help from pretenders; you've been pretending all along.

Maybe George Lucas' ILM can help you snow the public again (no pun intended).

You can see where the CSM falls; they use the oft-cited "consensus" in the form of "vast majority of scientists." I'm still waiting to hear just how MANY make up this pseudo-number of scientists. It's just become a mantra now...based on nothing.

The current climate-change furor has become the poster child for what happens when there’s a communications gap between scientists and the public. The vast majority of scientists see compelling evidence that the world’s climate is about to change significantly, and that the change is largely driven by human activity. Yet polls show public opinion becoming more skeptical about climate change.

[From As Climate Change debate wages on, scientists turn to Hollywood for help / The Christian Science Monitor -]