Saturday, September 20, 2008

Animal Death-Watch: Frog NOT extinct after all

You mean to say scientists and researchers were WRONG about something?! No, say it ain’t so! More about AGW-caused "extinctions" on the warmlist.

'Extinct' Frog Found Alive and Well in Australia:

SYDNEY, Australia — A tiny frog species thought by many experts to be extinct has been rediscovered alive and well in a remote area of Australia's tropical north, researchers said Thursday.

The 1.5 inch-long Armoured Mistfrog had not been seen since 1991, and many experts assumed it had been wiped out by a devastating fungus that struck northern Queensland state.


"A lot of us were starting to believe it had gone extinct, so to discover it now is amazing," Hoskin said. "It means some of the other species that are missing could potentially just be hidden away along some of the streams up there."

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