Monday, January 3, 2011

Enviro-nuts Try to Prop Up Global Warming with Sex

If this doesn't tell you how doomed this cult is then nothing will. When the nutjobs start trying to "shock" you into believing their bullshit using nudes and blood (and I argue that they've been trying to shock us for years into believing), that's when you know the death knell is sounding for manmade climate calamities as a mythological tool to advance socialism.

Need more proof that these psychos have been making ridiculous claims for years to scare people? Read our GASP! series or Dr. Brignell's warmlist to get an accurate picture of the media hype.

Environmentalists and scientists are concerned about the massive drop in public interest in the topic over the last year. Now they are looking for new strategies to turn the tide. They're searching for so-called "mind bombs" -- highly emotional images that reduce a complex problem down to one core message.

Some environmental organizations are placing their bets on the shock factor. One commercial in a campaign by the British-based environmental organization 10:10 showed a teacher blowing up two students who were skeptical about cutting their carbon emissions, with fountains of blood spraying the others in the class. Other 10:10 videos have the same fate befalling recalcitrant office workers and footballers. But the campaign proved a dud -- it sparked massive protests and was quickly withdrawn.

[From Naked Bodies and a New Messiah: Green Groups Try to Sex Up Climate Change - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International]